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An intuitive Customer Relationship Management Software to manage customers
and promote your business.

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Grow your business with a simple CRM.

Build a client list and promote your business in just a few clicks with Agendize CRM software.


Build a list of loyal clients with complete profiles.


Tag your clients and make it easy to target them with campaigns.


Generate more sales with easy-to-use email marketing functionalities.


Keep your list of hard-earned clients with import/export.

Grow your client list.

Anyone who ever booked an appointment with Online Scheduling is automatically added to your client list.

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Access complete client profiles.

Contact info

Access contact information at a glance with email, phone number and client picture.


Keep insightful notes on your customers and their preferences to better serve them.


Access of a complete customer history including email and SMS communications.


Bring a personal touch to your profiles with a picture, so you can easily recognize clients.

Target your clients.

You can define tags for your clients or let the solution tag them automatically based on their history and behaviour.
This helps you target your customers for marketing campaigns.

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Promote your business.

Promoting your business is easy. Agendize CRM allows you to create and customize your own email and SMS templates. Select clients. Choose a template. Hit send.


Keep your hard-earned list of customers. Agendize CRM software lets you import and export your customer database in XLS format.


Agendize connects with leading 3rd party CRM systems - including Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Capsule CRM and Tactile CRM.

Agendize is an all-in-one platform. Subscribe to a paid plan and get access to all our apps

Online Scheduling

Manage appointments effectively and let clients book you.

Live Chat

Engage customers in a chat while they browse your site.

Form Builder

Build contact forms and customer surveys.


Get visitors on the phone with a free web call back.