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Our Online Scheduling does all the heavy lifting.

A simple and flexible online scheduler that takes care of your operations - so you can focus on your customers.

Empower customers

Most bookings are done outside working hours. Become available 24/7 with an online scheduler.

Reduce no-shows

The appointment scheduling software keeps your calendar full by sending notifications and reminders.

Save time

Let the application manage your online appointments and save 75% of your time. You’re free to do the things you love!

No double-booking

Synchronize your online appointments with Google and Windows Live Calendars. You'll never be double-booked again.

Get started in minutes. An easy to use scheduling software.

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Manage your bookings every day with an intuitive interface.

Fluent and easy

We love using agendize scheduling software because it is fluent and easy to use. It allows us to have a seamless visualization of our daily schedule and be aware of the services that we’ll need to provide.

Dr. Trombley, Vitality Men

Our online scheduling software makes you available 24/7. Anywhere online.

Let your clients book you anywhere online through a simple interface that is mobile-compatible.

Free website

You don't have a website? Agendize provides you a free booking landing page with your essential business information.

Your website

Our online scheduler can be deployed anywhere on your website, by simply copy-pasting a piece of code.

Wordpress / Wix

The tool is compatible with major platforms like Wordpress and Wix. Just copy a piece of code in an HTML widget.

Your facebook.

Agendize Scheduling software is available as a facebook app, allowing your fans to book your directly from Facebook page.

Take your business with you.

The appointment scheduling software works on any mobile device with an internet connection. No installation needed. Ideal for professionals on-the-go.


For a lot of SMBs, appointment booking is an absolute business essential and their customers need to be able to book an appointment from their mobile devices just as easily as they can on their PC. Thanks to our recent integration with Agendize, this is now possible.

Louise Lachmman, CEO & Co-founder at mono solutions.

Automatic follow-ups.

Agendize Online Scheduling significantly reduce no-shows by sending automatic reminders and notifications that can be sent by email or SMS. Automated messages can be sent to customers and members of your team - letting everyone know when appointments are booked or modified.
You can completely customize these messages - even with customer and appointment-specific information. You can also design email notifications in HTML.

Sync your calendar.

Prevent double-bookings and keep your availabilities up-to-date. The Online Scheduler syncs with Google Calendar and Windows Live Calendar real-time. It knows when your calendar is already booked and fills it with new appointments. Agendize also synchronizes 1-way with any calendar using the global .ics standard.

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A great scheduling software for education

We have used Agendize’s Online Scheduling for over a year now. It has been a great system for our tutoring program.

Cyndi Boertje, Tutoring Coordinator at Central College, Pella, IA.

Customize the look & feel.

Personalize how the apointment scheduling interface appears to your clients.

Information display

Edit texts and display various information like, service description, prices, time zone…

Client information

Collect the client information you need by using with additional customizable fields.

Look & feel

Choose the color of your widget. Advanced users can even program the CSS of their booking interface.

Adapt it to your needs.

Agendize Online Scheduling Software has plenty of settings that let you configure the app to meet your specific business needs.


Set specific availabilities for each staff - including vacation and exceptional schedules.

Booking process

Define who can book what, how far in advance and if your confirmation is needed.

Group sessions

You can set up group sessions to manage workshops and classes.

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Our experts will help you assess your needs.

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Integrate Online Scheduling with Salesforce.

Agendize offers an online scheduling Salesforce connector. When booking an appointment, search for customers using multiple criteria. Agendize can connect to your Contacts or Leads. All appointment information and updates are kept in an activity in Salesforce.

Other CRMs

The solution also connects with Zoho CRM and Capsule CRM. Every time a new customer books an appointment with you, they will be added to your CRM.

Integrate with MailChimp.

You’re already using an Emailing app? No problem. Agendize integrates with MailChimp, ConstantContact and Campaign Monitor. Every time a new customer books an appointment with you, Agendize will add them to your contact list.

Accept payments online.

Allow customers to pay for their bookings online. Agendize integrates with PayPal, allowing your customers to pre-pay for services when confirming their appointment.

Agendize is an all-in-one platform. Subscribe to a paid plan and get access to all our apps


Get visitors on the phone with a free web call back.

Live Chat

Engage customers in a chat while they browse your site.

Form Builder

Build contact forms and customer surveys.


Manage client relations and promote your business.