Digital Queuing Management System

Change the way your customers wait in-store.
Reduce the feeling of waiting and increase comfort!

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Make every in-store visit an outstanding experience.

The average American loses 116 hours each year waiting in line - that’s time they could spend exploring your locations instead. With Agendize’s Digital Queuing Management System, take the hate out of your clients’ wait!


As they enter in store, clients fill in the digital queuing form with their name and phone number, and are then directly added to a virtual queue.


Once added to the digital queue, your clients are free to explore your location while waiting for an associate to serve them - no more endless standing and waiting in line!


As your customers explore, their name and position in line can be displayed on queuing screens throughout your location until they’re called. You get more opportunities to sell, and they keep their position without stress.


Once your associate is ready, they call up your customer for the service they requested. Clients start their encounters relaxed, all without having waited in line!

Improve the performance of all your storefront locations.

The most efficient solution to improve in-store service and increase customer satisfaction.


Customers know how long their wait is and keep their place in line. No more standing around frustrated - now they’re free to explore your storefront!


Your staff controls which clients need to be served and when. No more confusion means your staff serves customers at maximum efficiency.


As your customers check-in with your queuing system, their contact information is sent to your CRM, allowing you to maintain your connection in-store and out!


With this innovative way of managing your clients’ wait, you give them the freedom to be tempted by the other items you sell in your stores as they wait to be served.

Analyze your in-store visits.

With powerful analytics, track all the activity in your multiple-location storefronts with ease, and improve your clients’ experience every time they visit!


Analyze how long your clients wait to get served, then better allocate staff between your different locations.


Learn how long your staff takes with each client to better communicate what your clients should expect and allocate time within your store.


By adding tags to each service that’s performed, you’re able to analyze why clients are visiting your storefront to better serve them in the future.


Run analysis for each of your locations to understand which performs the best at services, then replicate that success with your other stores!

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