Salesforce Scheduling

Our Salesforce scheduling software lets you track all your new appointments directly from your Salesforce CRM

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Salesforce Scheduling

Our Salesforce scheduling software lets you track all your new appointments directly from your Salesforce CRM

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The perfect scheduling software add-on for your Salesforce CRM.

Our scheduling software seamlessly integrates with the Salesforce platform, letting you access all your appointments and clients under one roof.

Book appointments

All your teams can now easily book appointments with your Salesforce clients from Agendize. The booking widget provides real-time availabilities for your staff, and your clients can easily book you online!

Get information

You can customize the appointment confirmation form to fit the exact information you want to send to your Salesforce interface. Agendize sends your appointment details as well as your clients' contact information to Salesforce.

Synchronize information

All your appointment details are sent to Salesforce under a new event, where Agendize verifies if a client email exists in Salesforce. If not, it creates a new client profile. You can also easily search your Salesforce clients in Agendize.

Access all your appointment scheduling details from your Salesforce platform.

Our appointment scheduling software is the perfect add-on that lets you automatically synchronize your appointment and client details with your Salesforce platform.

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The most advanced Salesforce scheduling software integration

Our Salesforce scheduling add-on lets you get more out of your favorite CRM.

Client search

You can search for a Salesforce client in the Agendize platform to proactively book an appointment with them.

Contact or lead creation

You can choose whether you prefer your client profile to be created under your Salesforce "contacts" or "leads" tab.


Agendize integrates with Salesforce sandbox to let you try your scheduling integration before going live.


All clients' appointment and contact details can be configured to match your proper Salesforce information fields.

All the benefits of the Online Scheduling, synchronized with your Salesforce CRM.

With this range of powerful features, we handle all the types of appointments you need.

Easy bookings

Agendize's 3-step booking process is so simple that both your clients and staffs master it in minutes.

24/7 bookings

Let your clients book appointments at the right moment for them. Take the hassle off their shoulders, even when you're out of office.


Allow customers to see only the times and dates that you're available, so you're never double-booked again!

Save time

Automated bookings make appointments quick and painless, letting you spend more time with your customers.

Reminders & notification

Send automated, customized notifications and reminders to your clients, cutting down on no-shows and giving you peace-of-mind.

Calendar sync

Easily synchronize Agendize Online Scheduling with Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook and more, so you're always up-to-speed no matter what.

Online Payments

Let your clients pay when they book, so you can make sure they will show up on D-day!

Mobile responsive

Agendize is built to adapt – whatever device, whatever design, your clients can book you anywhere, anytime.

Create your own online scheduling experience.

Make the Agendize Online Scheduling yours.


Access the booking solution from a third party URL. Instead of Agendize's logo and colors, your branding sits front and center.

Private label

Let your teams access Agendize Online Scheduling interface and manage bookings from a personalized URL of your choice.

Customize your platform

Use your colors, logo and branding for your scheduling software interface. Your teams access your own branded scheduling interface to manage bookings.

Personalize your widget

Personalize everything right down to the text on your widget, making sure you find the best way for your business to funnel more customers.

For advanced development, use our powerful APIs and Webhooks.

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